Eviction Prevention Tenant Workshops

Mission C has created a series of financial education workshops aimed at working with at-risk renters who are facing eviction due to a rent payment delinquency. These workshops are designed to help tenants learn or relearn the essential personal finance management skills needed to maintain their safe and secure housing. Through partnerships with property owners who provide up to one month of rent forgiveness, these workshops are offered free to tenants in an effort to avoid the cost and consequences of eviction for both parties.

For Tenants the program will cover these 6 topics over the 12-week program timeline:

  • Money management 101- knowing where your money is going
  • Financial goal setting and budgeting
  • Credit and debt management
  • Banking and understanding predatory lending
  • Savings, insurance, and retirement planning
  • Health, wellness, and education

The program aims to help achieve the following goals:

  1. Achieve a substantial decrease in eviction filings through early intervention
  2. A reduction or elimination of rent delinquencies for program participants
  3. An increase in financial literacy scores as measured on a pre and post-program assessment
  4. A six month or longer record of on-time rent payment after the program completion.

Our Tenant workshops not only benefit the tenant, but the property owners see in increase in on time rent payments, fewer court filings, and overall higher tenant retention and satisfaction.