High School Outreach: Makes Cents

Mission C aims to work with current high school students to teach personal finance management. Through in-school workshops and our signature Makes Cents event, we want to expose high school students to basic personal finance management.

Our high school programming meets students at a pivotal transition time in their life as they prepare to make the most expensive financial decision of their young lives, to attend college or not to attend college. This decision can, and the information used to make it can have long-standing effects on their financial lives. We believe that early intervention and education can help these young people make a more informed decision that will benefit them now and long into the future.

Our Makes Cents event is an opportunity to teach hundreds of students these skills in a larger context. Our event features workshops presented by many of the leaders in the financial management arena. This highly interactive event allows students to see the wide range of their financial decisions from choosing an apartment to how to invest for retirement. Makes Cents features dynamic speakers, hands-on workshops, and the opportunity to win a scholarship that can be used for post-secondary education or the start a business.  

This program aims to achieve the following goals:

    1. Show improved financial literacy as measured by a pre and post event/workshop assessment
    2. Provide students with practical personal finance management information covering a wide array of topics