Post-Secondary Student Outreach and Workshops

Like our high school outreach, our post-secondary student outreach hopes to provide personal finance management workshops to 3rd and 4th-year undergrad and graduate school students who are preparing to transition into the workforce.

As students prepare to enter the workforce, the need for personal finance management becomes increasingly important. For many of these young adults, they for the first time will have to successfully manage their own finances and the tools we will provide will allow them to do so with confidence. This means; managing their paychecks, renting/buying a home or apartment, buying a car, establishing and maintaining credit, and saving for the future.

These customization workshops will generally be two sessions lasting 2-3 hours each and cover the following topics:

  • Money management 101- knowing where the money is going
  • Financial goal setting and budgeting
  • Credit and debt management
  • Banking and understanding predatory lending
  • Savings, Insurance, retirement, and Education planning

This program aims to achieve the following goals:

    1. Show improved financial literacy as measured by a pre and post workshop assessment
    2. Provide students with practical personal finance management information covering the listed topics.
    3. Provide an opportunity for students to practice using in workshop activities
    4. Equip participants with the basics needed to successfully plan for and manage their personal finances